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Home under constructionBuilding a new home is exciting! There are so many decisions to make including selection of interior materials, colors, flooring and fixtures and more. It’s also important to be sure your new home is built with energy-saving materials and processes. Taking time today to select the right building materials and products will pay off with increased indoor comfort and lower energy bills for the life of your home. Here are three key areas of a home where upgrading your investment will pay off:

  1. Insulation – Properly insulating your home’s exterior can keep energy bills low. Consider upgrading your attic insulation, wall insulation and crawl space insulation during the construction process. Adding a professionally installed and complete blanket of insulation around your home’s exterior will help keep energy dollars in and exterior noise out.
  2. Air Sealing – Air sealing increases your home’s energy efficiency by sealing the penetration points that allow conditioned air to escape your home. Some penetration points are visible to the eye while others are more difficult to identify. Tip: Spray foam insulation will add R-value and air seal even the smallest penetration points in one step.
  3. Doors and Windows – Choose proper exterior doors and windows. Consider the energy rating for windows and doors and the side of the home on which they will be installed as the sides of your home can be impacted by differing weather factors including wind and sun. Be sure your contractor seals air leaks around all doors and windows.

Do you have questions about insulation and air sealing for your new home? Contact our office — we can help!

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